Selected Publications and Press

Odd Duck Press, Artist Interview with Jessica Molnar, Dec 2018
Sage-ing Journal, Issue 28: Winter 2018
MIX Magazine ‘DNA’ p 41, fall 2003

CBC Radio Canada, interview [Philippe Bourbeau] aired April 13, 2005

Newspaper Articles
Kelowna Capital News ‘Moved by the Heart’ [Jennifer Smith] B9, Wed. Sept 9, 2010
SNAP Okanagan ‘Paintings by Noelle Nadeau’ [James Young] Vol. 4 No.6 p.11, January. 2010
Metro Vancouver ‘Art Exhibit Explores Ancient Terrains’ April 28, 2005
Terminal City Vancouver [Heather Watson] ‘Sumptuous Green’ March 31, 2005
Georgia Straight [Tony Montague] ‘Arts Burst forth in City’s Heart’ Oct 7-14, 2004
Vancouver Courier [Naoibh O’Connor] ‘Something Afoot’ June 6, 2004